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Kohl’s Best backpack EVER!!!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

I’m not a big shopper but I do LOVE  a great deal. Kohl’s has a great deal on the BEST BACKPACK EVER this week!!!

Four years ago I purchased a FUL backpack for my son at the end of the back to school season. It was on sale for 39 bucks at Target.  I usually don’t spend that much on a bag but there weren’t many other options. I figured that he would use if for 2 years and we would at least get our monies worth.  FOUR YEARS LATER the bag looks brand new!!!

I love his bag and decided last year to do the same thing for my daughter. FUL doesn’t have a lot of “pretty” girl designs but I did find a sturdy bag in the High Sierra brand at Kohls.  WELL….they are now ON SALE at Kohls and you can use a 15% coupon (promo code HEATWAVE) and get it for about $38 dollars!!! (It’s normally a $90 bag)

Here is a pic of my daughter’s bag from last year (On the right, I washed it on the last day of school) and the new purple one for my daughter Brooke.

If you’re tired of buying a new bag every year this one is perfect!!! Brooke’s even has a computer pocket for when she goes to college. She’s in third grade now so that’s roughly 4 bucks a year for a backpack she will keep forever. LOVE IT!!! LOVE KOHL’S!!!!

Click here to go to there website. You will pay a few bucks in shipping if you order online.  I went to the store 2 days ago a picked up Brooke’s. Saved a bunch!!

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Dear Lady at Church who always dresses nice,

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Thank you for coming to Church dressed so nicely.

I have to be honest though….you make me feel bad about myself.

Can you not iron your shirt one week? Or maybe have your husband wear conflicting stripes/patterns?

For the good of mankind and moms everywhere…..


Dena Blizzard


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Dear Anyone….

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Dear  anyone with bunk beds,

Why has no one figured out an easy way to make a bunk bed?

For real….man on moon…. artificial leg…..that guy that put that extra eye in the back of his head for no reason….but no one can figure out a system or mattress that makes it easy to make that stupid top bunk.

….just stupid.


Dena Blizzard


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Dear Co. Thursday: Kohl’s Dressing Room

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Dear Kohl’s,

I went into a dressing room the other day to try on clothes with my daughter. I did use one of those handicap dressing rooms but only because it’s so darn roomy. I know that was wrong but everybody does it….

A few minutes into finding every outfit I’ve ever wanted, a woman knocked on the door and said I was “in her dressing room”. I thought she was kidding but after a little investigation it turns out she was just crazy.

At first, I felt horrible because I thought she was handicapped and that I had finally been caught in my “dressing room crime” of hoarding the big rooms. It turns out she was mad because she was also a dressing room hoarder. I guess she thought that not only could she use this room but that if she left her car keys on the bench that would automatically made it her dressing room for the day.

My daughter was ready to relinquish the room without a fight but I told her to sit down, watch and learn. There are rules to stealing the handicap room and this lady wasn’t going to win, not without a bum leg or one of those electric scooters.

I know she was crazy but after a few choice words through the dressing room door I finally opened the door to hand over her car keys. You would think that’s when she would really let me have it….but when I opened the door she simply said “ooooh, I love your outfit” and we parted ways.

I blame you for this Kohl’s. Maybe consider bigger dressing rooms so women don’t have to fight over the handicap dressing rooms. If you are, however, considering “assigning” dressing rooms. I would like one. Maybe “crazy” was on to something. I love Kohl’s and if you could make a star sign with my name on it that I could hang outside the door when I’m trying on clothes…that would be great.

Dena Blizzard
Consumer- MVC (most valuable customer)

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Dear Co. Thursday: Toilet Paper People

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Dear Toilet Paper Company,

Please stop marketing your toilet paper with words like “24 double rolls” or “48 single rolls”. When I’m buying toilet paper I don’t want to do math.Who is buying 48 single rolls? Where would you possibly put them? And sometimes your “toilet paper math” just doesn’t even make sense. (see below)

How does 30 “Jumbo” rolls ever equal 83 “Regular”rolls? That means that 1 “jumbo” roll equals 2.76666666666667 regular rolls! WTF!!??? I can handle double rolls but this shit is ridiculous.

And when did you start making “wide” toilet paper? How fat are people getting?

You’re stupid.


Dena Blizzard


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Dear Company: Marshall’s and TJ Maxx

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Dear Marshalls and TJ Maxx,

Thank you for being you. I mean, you’re both kind of the same store. (I guess I’m not supposed to acknowledge that….but you’re both great)

It’s like twins who look exactly the same but you always try to figure out which one is prettier (unless they are both really ugly). That’s you guys.  I mean you LOOK COMPLETELY different (wink, wink)….I know it’s the same merchandise, set-up kind of the same way, in stores that kind of look alike except for those “Marshalls” and “TJ Maxx” signs out front.….but besides that…. COMPLETELY different.

For real….I won’t tell anyone. (I think some people might know already though. I’m not even going to mention Home Goods.)


Dena Blizzard


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Dear Company: Macy’s sucks

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Dear Macy’s ,

Your coupons suck. Who are you kidding?

Thirty percent off everything in the store!! Excluding….well, EVERYTHING….. I’d actually want to buy?!

I’m tired of your games. Get your act together. I’ve got a lot of options out there Macys. You’re not the only game in town. Kohls has been courting me for a while…and we are getting pretty serious. JCP has some nice price points…and Boscovs has….alright…not a lot, I’m stretching here. But…

Get it together Macy’s….I’ve got money in my pocket but I’m not interested in your polka dotted silk shirt from four seasons ago….(unless is 99% off and it’s my grandmom’s birthday)…..maybe.


Dena Blizzard


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