My Mom’s Milkshake

My mom’s cell phone finally fell apart and died the other day. She was dedicated to using her 1982 flip phone with the long antenna and was refusing to enter the age of data plans. Since she refused to pay for anything extra other than the ability to make calls, I thought I would give… Read more My Mom’s Milkshake


Sheltered Kids

Do you ever wonder if in your attempt to keep your kids safe from the world, they are too sheltered? I didn’t until a few weeks ago. It was the last week of school and a couple boys from my son’s Catholic School class came over to play. There were about nine boys at the… Read more Sheltered Kids


Casual Jimmy Quotes: Weddings

Every so often my husband Jimmy kicks out a one-liner that just makes me want to kill him…..enjoy. Friends of ours, who just got married, were talking about the cost of their wedding. Jimmy casually chimes in with…“Weddings are the biggest waste of time and money”. This year we celebrated our 13th Biggest Waste of… Read more Casual Jimmy Quotes: Weddings

Dear Lady at Church who always dresses nice,

Thank you for coming to Church dressed so nicely. I have to be honest though….you make me feel bad about myself. Can you not iron your shirt one week? Or maybe have your husband wear conflicting stripes/patterns? For the good of mankind and moms everywhere….. Sincerely, Dena Blizzard Consumer


Whatever Wednesday: “WTF” Math

My daughter is not doing well in Math. That’s obviously nothing to joke about but when she fails the math test and this question is one of the only questions she gets right….you have to say WTF? Who the f is Jim?????

Blah’g: Fourteen

My daughter was doing her math homework and asked me “does six plus eight equal twelve?” I said, “No, try again”. She started to whimper and said, “Does six plus eight equal eleven?” I calmly and encouragingly said, “No, honey, use a number line. You can do it. Try again.” Then the whimper escaladed into… Read more Blah’g: Fourteen

Blah’g: Shelbows

My son Dean takes his bath at night now so when I tucked him in the other night I asked him if he had put his deodorant on. He is 12 now so we are talking more about personal hygiene lately. He said he had forgotten so he quickly got up, reached over to his… Read more Blah’g: Shelbows


One Funny Mother Friday: Kathleen’s Christmas Pic

Today’s “One Funny Mother” Friday is Kathleen from NJ. Thanks for sending this pic. Oh…the joys of Christmas. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing the kid screaming or the look on Santa’s face.