OFM TV Staff

Carolyn Cosden, Technical Director/ Camera Crew/ Executive Asst. Carolyn is a 2012 Radio/TV/Film graduate of Rowan University whose unparalleled talents are the backbone of Dena’s operation. She shoots and edits all the OFM videos and makes sure Dena’s wine glass is always full. She also babysits Dena’s wonderful dogs and (begrudgingly) Dena’s children as well. She also taught Dena how to play the piano. She is desperately seeking a full-time job elsewhere. Please call her, but do not mention it to Dena. You can reach her by slipping a note between the bars of her cell, conveniently located in Dena’s basement.

Diana, Director of Props and Dena’s Mom Whenever Dena wants something she calls her mom, Diana. She makes all the costumes, gets all the props and makes all the food for the crew. She is indispensable….which is why Dena doesn’t pay her any money. She gets paid in “love”. Diana is doing such a good job she is getting a raise that doubles her pay in 2013.

Lawrence McCaffrey, Director of Creative Concepts and Computer Sh*t Larry has been part of Dena’s “team” since Dena was just an angry housewife of three kids. He does all the crap Dena doesn’t want to do.Larry has been enslaved to long hours creating the visuals for Dena’s online presence including her printed media (ie-shirts, books) logo and web design. As the sole male member of Dena marketing team, he is treated like the second husband Dena never wanted. She repeatedly yells at him for the way he dresses, his parenting choices and the horrible decisions about his dating life. Lawrence owns and operates Colour Printing of Runnemede, NJ where they specialize in printing, apparel, online marketing, as well as, graphic and web design. You to can find and hire him to make yourself as famous as Dena @ njprintandweb.com or @ facebook.com/njprintandweb

Adrienne Richardson, Marketing Maven Adrienne is the founder of South Jersey MOM magazine and has the two cutest kids in NJ (which isn’t really anything to brag about). She pimps Dena out to help her get more friends on Facebook and Twitter and gets newspapers to do stories on her that nobody reads. She spends most of her time trying to find people on the Internet that think Dena is funny and is always looking for ways to get rid of her dog without her kids noticing.