Speech, speech, speech!

Soooo, I have been asked to give a keynote speech at Sussex County Community College for their Ladies’ Retreat! “How to Fail your Way to Success” is Dena’s heartwarming (not really), rags to riches (if riches meant eating at McDonald’s) story of growing up an orphan (whose parents are still alive), living on a deserted island (called America) and overcoming overwhelming obstacles (like being a middle child) and playing the glockenspiel (sadly, this part is true). Dena’s ability to connect with her audience is astounding (mostly because she is drunk). Critics have called this speech “sweet and elementary” (probably because it was written by her kids). If you’re tired of hearing stories about how successful people get successful then this is the speech for you! Dena’s life is just a series of failures that lead her to the top! (and by “top” I mean…you’ve probably never heard of her) For more information, go to Sussex CCC’s event page HERE

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