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ASK one funny mother Do you have a question for me, one funny mother, that you would like to have answered in an upcoming episode of “Ask one funny mother”? Questions can be about anything….child rearing, husband stuff, how to maintain your “hotness” after kids. Whatever. Just don’t ask me about money, how to get stains out of shit or why my dog is so annoying. The answers are…I have no idea, I have no idea and he’s an asshole. Otherwise,…I’m wide open. Ask me anything. dena@denablizzard.com Dear Child Questions… Has your child asked you a question that you are unsure how to answer? A question that makes you uncomfortable or that you are sure will make them feel bad if they knew the real answer? Send the questions to me. I’ll answer them for you. It won’t be nice….but it will be funny. Send me your childs’ uncomfortable question at dena@denablizzard.com MEN!!!! This is your chance!!!

Do you just want to vent? Do you have something to say and your wife won’t shut up long enough to listen? I will!! If you have a gripe, comment or long ranting essay that you would like all women to know about on behalf of all men out there….send it to me. If you’re funny…I’ll post it and send you a fancy shirt that will make women think you are hot and that you have a big penis. E-mail me at Dena@denablizzard.com Show Guests Do you know of someone that should be on my show? Are you interesting? Would you like to nominate someone you know to be on the show? We are looking for interesting or extremely boring people to be on the show. Either one is fine. We are a low budget show and frankly a really boring person would probably entertain me just as much as an interesting person. Tell us about you, why you should be on the show or what you are planning on teaching me. The weirder the better. dena@denablizzard.com Hot Guys

If you are hot and just want to send me a pic of you that would be fine. I’ve been married for a long time and I would appreciate any attention at all. I am interested in seeing if any other boys have that muscle that Channing Tatum has in the movie “Magic Mike”. I’ve never seen that muscle on my husband and I frankly don’t think it’s real. If you have that, definitely send a pic. I will post it. Guest Blogs/Videos Are you one funny mother? Would you like to be a guest blogger or vlogger? One funny mother TV is looking for guest writers and video mavens to be a part of OFM TV (mostly because I’m tired sometimes). If you would like to be considered, please contact me at dena@denablizzard.com. Please include your story, video or photos in the email. If it makes me laugh you’re in. It shouldn’t be hard because I’m drunk a lot. Material you send is not guaranteed to be used on the site, especially if it sucks. If we do use it, please know I will use it and not pay you anything. I’ll send you a shirt and maybe some other free stuff but that’s it. I can use it for a funny book or a tv show. Anything really…and not pay you anything but a shirt. This deal may not sound appealing but it is a really nice shirt. You will be notified if we use your story/pic. Corporations/ Product Reviews/ Giveaways Are you a corporation that wants to work with me? Do you want me to review your product or give me something for free? I’m in. We love corporations. Well, not all of them but most of them. Truthfully, mostly just Kohls but I’ll definitely consider your corporation. As for reviews….I’ll do them but mostly with old people and babies. They are the most honest people. They really just want to eat, sleep and tell you exactly what they think of you. I only know I have a big nose, a big butt and that a “nice boy would love to be married to me” because of kids and old people. If that works for you contact me at dena@denablizzard.com

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